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You will need:


*3 ripe bananas mashed
*1/4 cup runny nut butter (almond)
*1/4-1/3 cup syrup (to taste)(I used a mix of  brownie syrup and  nectar)
*2 shots brewed coffee
*2 (flax)eggs

*2 cups gf oat flour (very fine)
*1/3 cup cacao powder
*1 tsp baking powder
*1/2 tsp baking soda
*pinch of salt

☕️ Brew coffee then let cool
☕️preheat oven to 180 and lime loaf tin
☕️Mix all dry ingredients
☕️Mix wet ingredients then add dry to wet
☕️bake for 55 ish mins until cake tester inserted comes out nearly clean
☕️Let cool – patience is key

(Optional: brush with extra brewed coffee/espresso)


For the icing:

*80g thick df yogurt 
*60g df cream cheese (or more yog)
*2-3tbsp maple syrup

☕️Mix it all together and slap on top
☕️Dust with cacao powder

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