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Bits of gossip about his transition to Saint-Germain … Messi’s dad’s distribution settles the contention

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Jorge, the dad and specialist of Argentine star Lionel Messi, the commander of Barcelona, ​​responded to bits of gossip connecting his child to move to Paris Saint-Germain toward the finish of the momentum season.

The information on the takeoff of the “Bolga” went to the top of the Barca news organizations and specific games destinations for quite a long time, arriving at where Messi by and by requested authorization to leave after significant contrasts among him and the previous Barca organization headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Since the previous summer, news and bits of gossip have been pouring in, the most recent of which was a report distributed by the “ESPN” sports network that the Parisian group went into dealings to join the Argentine “performer” the following summer.

Be that as it may, Jorge was firm and unequivocal and distributed the news on his official record in Instagram, and put on it the expression “Quit developing the news … counterfeit news.”

Messi’s agreement with Barcelona terminates toward the finish of the ebb and flow season, and this implies that next January he will be allowed to haggle with any group wishing to incorporate him.

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