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Chicken Recipe


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Chicken and cheese quesadillas are a delicious and easy dish to make. The combination of tender chicken and melted cheese wrapped in a crispy tortilla creates a satisfying meal that can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. To make chicken and cheese quesadillas, start by cooking diced chicken in a skillet until it is fully cooked and no longer pink


2 chicken breasts
2 flour pancakes per person
1 onion
150 grams of mushrooms
1 bell pepper
100 gr of cheddar cheese
350 grams of guacamole
Olive oil
Black pepper


1. Peel the onion, wash it well so that our eyes don’t water so much, and cut it into very thin slices.  We wash the mushrooms well, so that they release all the earth, and cut them into squares.  Cut the bell pepper lengthwise into strips and then into smaller pieces.

2. We put a frying pan on the fire, with a good jet of oil and fry everything that we have chopped.  We spread a little salt, stir and let the ingredients cook well in the oil.

3. Cut the chicken breasts into pieces and when we see that the vegetables are beginning to brown, we add them, stirring everything so that it is well spread.  Set the firepower to half, so they do it faster.  Apart from the ingredients we make for the filling, you can also add tomato sauce, butter… that’s how you see it.

4. Once the filling is ready, you just have to heat the pancakes as you see fit: microwave, frying pan or iron.

5. Fill the pancakes and add the cheese.  Fold from end to end, giving it the shape that we like best and serve together with the chopped guacamole.

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