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✔ 3 Xícaras (Chá) of Wheat Farinha
✔ 2 Xícara (Chá) Of Sugar
✔ 4 Whole Eggs
✔ 4 Colheres (Soup) Of Margarine
✔ ½ Colher (Chá) From Essência De Baunilha
✔ 2 Colheres (Soup) Of Chocolate In Pó ✔ 1 Xícara (Chá) of Leite Morno
✔ 1 Colher (Soup) Rasa De Fermento Em Pó


✔ Start the recipe peneirando wheat farinha, so the mass will be more mild and maca.

✔ Pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees.

✔ In the batedeira, gather the sugar, the butter, the eggs and the essence of baunilha. Bata bem.

✔ It will grow or warm in a few years, without stopping the battery. Afterwards, do the same with wheat flour. The last ingredient that must be added is the ferment in po.

✔ Separate 1/3 of the mass in one other vase. In this portion, you must increase the chocolate in the powder and mix well, with the help of a stove.

✔ Provide a form of buraco no meio. Spread with margarine and farinha.

✔ Place the white dough and the chocolate dough alternately. This is the secret to conquer the typical marbled coloration.

✔ Light in the oven and roast for 45 minutes.

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