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Mexican fresh cheese

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Mexican fresh cheese

There is nothing better to accompany tortillas or chilaquiles than with fresh Mexican cheese.  This is the protagonist and the reason why they have a more traditional and popular touch.  Therefore, it is time for you to prepare it at home, it may seem difficult at first, but you will realize that it is not.


Truly, in the preparation of such cheese you will not need many ingredients, you will only need to follow the established instructions according to each food.  Thus, such ingredients to use are:

• 2 liters of yogurt, it is recommended that it be whole, preferably Greek.

• 4 liters of milk, preferably unpasteurized or whole milk.

• A tablespoon of vinegar can be apple or white wine.

• A pinch of salt, the brand of your preference.


To prepare Mexican fresh cheese, all you have to do is perfectly follow each of the steps set out below.

Step 1

Start by placing the milk to heat in a pot, it must be large.  It should be allowed to heat until it boils, that is, until it reaches 80 or 90 degrees.

Step 2

Proceed to turn off and then add the yogurt, you should mix this for about 10 seconds.  Then let it rest for a few minutes.

Step 3

Add half of the vinegar and beat everything well, then wait a few minutes and add the remaining amount of vinegar.  At this point it is recommended that you mix carefully.

Step 4

You need to wait around 30 to 40 minutes for it to cool down well.

Step 5

Transfer the mixture to a strainer and leave it there for a few minutes.  It is essential to have fresh Mexican cheese.

Step 6

You must squeeze the strainer cloth with the curd to remove all the liquid it may have.

Step 7

You must proceed to arrange the cheese in a container and beat it, at this point add the amount of salt you want.

Step 8

Subsequently, you must mold the cheese and place it in the refrigerator.  You should leave it there for 12 hours or so.

This way you will be able to have an exquisite fresh Mexican cheese, but remember that you must consume it in a short time because otherwise it can be damaged.

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