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Mexican fritters for snack

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Mexican fritters for snack

Mexican buñuelos are part of the most traditional dishes at Christmas time.  This type of appetizer is enjoyed in every corner of the Mexican territory.  These fritters are usually characterized by being crunchy and accompanied by sugar or piloncillo syrup.  The best of all is that you can prepare them at home and share them with your family at any time of the year.

Ingredients for Mexican fritters

This recipe differs a little from Spanish buñuelos, since the Mexicans were responsible for giving it a more traditional and nationalist touch.  The ingredients you will need to prepare Mexican buñuelos are:

• 2 cups of all purpose flour.

• 1 spoon of sugar.

• 1 tablespoon of baking powder.

• ½ tablespoon of salt.

• 1 egg.

• 1 tablespoon of butter, it is recommended that it is melted.

• ¾ warm water.

• 1 Teaspoon vanilla extract.

• Sugar to sprinkle.

• 2 cups of vegetable oil.

Preparation of Mexican fritters

To prepare this recipe, it is recommended that you fully follow each of the steps explained below.

Step 1

Find a large bowl to mix the baking powder, all-purpose flour, sugar, and salt.

Step 2

To this mixture, you must add the melted butter, vanilla essence and egg to the center.  Then, stir until everything is combined.  Proceed to add the warm water little by little, while you add it you must knead.  What you are looking for is to obtain a soft and smooth mixture.  This is essential in the preparation of Mexican buñuelos.

Then, cover the dough with a cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes.

Step 3

Divide the dough into 12 balls and cover each of them with a napkin.

Step 4

Heat ¾ vegetable oil in a large skillet.

Step 5

Then, place a ball on the table and roll it out with the rolling pin.  You must flatten each ball until you have a thin circle.

Step 6

When you have them all ready, proceed to fry them in very hot oil.  You should do this until they are golden and crispy.

step 7

Serve them hot or at room temperature.  You can sprinkle sugar or piloncillo syrup on them, and accompany them with hot chocolate or coffee.

Without a doubt, Mexican buñuelos are as popular as they are exquisite.  With this recipe you won’t have to wait until December, since you can prepare them at home whenever you want.  This dish is perfect to share with your family, as well as with your friends.  In fact, it is ideal for your children’s snack.

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