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No-Bake Stracciatella Cheesecake

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For a circle of 18cm


cookie dough
200g of Granola or Pepito type biscuits
60g melted butter Cream
210g full cream(1)
40g full cream (2)
300g philadelphia type cream cheese
4g of rehydrated gelatin powder in
24g of cold water (or 2 rehydrated leaves in a bowl of cold water and wrung out well)
75g icing sugar
1 teaspoon liquid vanilla extract 100g dark chocolate



20g dark chocolate 20g liquid cream

For the cookie dough:

Put the biscuits in the bowl of the Thermomix and spray 5 sec/speed 9. Add melted butter and mix 10 sec/speed 4.

Put the cookie dough in a circle surrounded by rhodoïd and press down with the back of a spoon. Reserve in the fridge while preparing the cream.

For the cream:

In the very cold bowl of a pastry robot, whip the liquid cream (1) into whipped cream then set aside in the fridge. Heat the liquid cream (2), it must be very hot.


Incorporate the rehydrated gelatin into the cream, mixing well and leave to cool. Insert the whisk into the bowl of the Thermomix.

Add the Philadelphia, icing sugar and vanilla extract and whisk 2 min/speed 4.

Add the gelatin/cream mixture and beat again 1 min/speed 4.

Put the dark chocolate cut into shavings using a peeler or a knife and mix quickly with a spatula.

Gently fold this preparation into the whipped cream. Pour the mixture evenly over the cookie dough and smooth with a small spatula.

In a small container, heat the cream and chocolate, stirring in 15 second increments, the mixture should be very smooth.


Place chocolate cream in several places on the cheesecake and using a toothpick, draw patterns. Cool for the night.

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