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Panna cotta with Thermomix

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Panna cotta, a delicious dessert for the whole family. Nothing could be easier than doing it in your Thermomix. Liquid cream, sugar, gelatin, and that’s it! Garnish with homemade fruit coulis for more indulgence.


750 ml whole liquid cream

150 g powdered sugar
6 gelatin leaves 2 tbsp. vanilla sugar

PREPARATION: Preparation 5 min Cooking 7 min

1. Put the gelatin sheets to soften in cold water.

2. In the Thermomix bowl, put the crème fraîche, sugar, vanilla sugar and cook for 7 min at 80 ° C on speed 3.

3. Wring out the gelatin sheets and add them to the preparation then mix for 15 sec on speed 3.

4. Pour the preparation into individual containers and let cool completely before tasting them.

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