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Passion Meringue Tart

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Sweet pastry

For 8 tarts of
8cm prepare the night before!
240g T55 flour;
30g almond powder;
70g icing sugar;
1 pinch fleur de sel;
140g Tempered butter
82%; 1 egg

Passion Meringue Tart
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In your food processor, with the sheet, mix at speed ½ all the dry ingredients and the butter and mix 2min at speed 2 °Add the Egg and mix until the dough comes off the walls. °Sand the dough with the palm of your hand (not very much), form a square with the dough, film in contact and refrigerate overnight. ° The next day, darken your pie and refrigerate 15/20min, ° Passion Curd 120 g of powdered sugar; 100 g of butter; 2 large eggs; 100 of passion fruit purée; 1 sheet of rehydrated gelatin


In a mixing bowl, mix the passion fruit puree with the rest of the ingredients (except gelatin), Heat in a bain-marie and add the gelatin, and stir constantly until thickened. Let the temperature drop (25-30•c) before pouring onto your Tartlet base then let cool for at least 2 hours

For the Italian meringue:

75g sugar,
30g egg whites,
23g water

Bring the water to a boil with the sugar, cook until the syrup reaches 120°C Whip the whites in a food processor and pour the syrup over the whites and beat until you get a smooth and shiny meringue Pipe over the pie and pass the torch over the meringue.


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