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– 550g unsalted ricotta;
– 200g of milk cream;
– 4 Eggs;
– 520g of twelve milk;


-150g of crushed biscuit;
– 50g butter without melted salt or margarine; – 1 optional cinnamon chá colher;



-200g of milk cream;
-300g of twelve milk (for more twelve) or 250g (for more balanced); – 3 colheres of wheat farinha soup.


RING 22 removable bottom.



Eat RECHEIO hair. Misture or cream of milk and or twelve of milk.

Then add to the wheat farinha peneirada. Mix até dissolver and light to cook do not microwave for 3 minutes. Mexa and mild to cook for more 3 minutes.


Mix again and let cool. The intention is to cook the wheat to lose the flavor, leaving the cream firmer and less than twelve due to the milk cream. For the base, crush the balls and tie the farinha.

If you wanted to put cinnamon. Add to melted butter and mixture. Add in the shape and pressure. Finally, make furos with a hook and roast in a pre-aquecido oven and


roast for 12 to 15 minutes at 160C. Take care not to burn. Let cool. For the cake, whisk without liquidizer ovos, or doce de leite e o creme de leite até mix.

Then add a few years to the chopped ricotta. Bata bem até ficar homogeneous.

Add on cold base. Paste or chill já cold place with a colher (use another to help) in portions on the cake. Afunde with the help of a knife so that fiquem not meio da cake.


You wanted to be able to place some on top and not in depth to decorate. mild to roast. Roast for about 40 minutes at 180C, pre-heated oven.

O ponto certo is when it is firmer on the sides and mole is not meio. Balance when you touch the edge or finger in the center (take care not to char or finger). Untie the oven and let cool. Em followed mild to geladeira.


I recommend not doing coverage pois já é twelve. Tem no reels to receita the cake of twelve of milk with coverage, that does not have twelve of milk inside and it’s favorite minha!

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