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Strawberry cake

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Strawberry cake

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Strawberry cake is a delightful treat that captivates taste buds with its sweet and fruity essence. The moist layers of cake, infused with the vibrant flavor of fresh strawberries, create a symphony of taste and texture.


  300 g of strawberries
  250 g of flour
  40 g of sugar
  3 eggs
  200 ml of milk
  60 gr of butter
  1 splash of vanilla essence
  1 little icing sugar to decorate


1. Place the eggs in the mixer jar, along with the vanilla essence, sugar and milk.  With a hand mixer, we beat for a couple of minutes until we have a completely uniform liquid.

2. Add the flour and beat again with our hand mixer or mini mixer.

3. Heat the butter in the microwave until it liquefies.  And we also add to the jug, we give it a little bit of cane again with the blender so that it is distributed well.

4. Grease the mold to be used with butter.

5. We fill with the cream that we have prepared.

6. We wash, remove the stem and cut the strawberries in half.  We place them in the mold on the cream, they will be half submerged.

7. Preheat the oven to 180ºC with heat up and down, and put the mold inside.  After about 20 minutes you will see that it is browning. At that moment we leave the heat only on the bottom and wait for it to set completely, it will take another 15 or 20 minutes.

8. Once cooled, unmold and sprinkle a little icing sugar on this strawberry cake to make it even more spectacular.

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