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Food traditionnel


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Despite having an absolutely bare fridge rn (food shopping was substituted in favour of mouse catching yesterday ) loaded oats will always come through! Also developed a mild banana obsession in the past week so obvs this was a no brainier and there’s just something about the combo with the choc chips that is just fakkin dreamy. Get on it kids

The deets:


▫️ 80g oats
▫️ 250ml almond milk
▫️ 1/6 grated courgette
▫️ 25g  choc brownie impact whey protein
▫️ 5g cacao powder
▫️ vanilla flavdrops

Then topped with
▫️ Uno banana
▫️ Cinnamon
▫️ And dark chocco chips


Whilst I’m here I’ve had a few questions about how I’m approaching being in a surplus without tracking/being too strict – and the easiest way I’ve been finding to do it is to just keep my meals the same but increase the portions!

So adding in extra oats, extra rice, an extra slice of toast, an extra burger, etc etc etc.

Then I know I’m having over & above what I normally would.


Working wonders so far, feeling good and energised and my strength is on the

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