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Top 25 Best Black Friday Deals 2020

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  • These are the top 25 best overall Black Friday 2020 deals
    from Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Target,
    Macy’s, and more, oh my.

  • Welcome back.
    I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite.
    Thank you so much for being here as a part of my channel.
    I hope you guys are having an incredible Thanksgiving.
    I am recording and uploading this live right now
    on Thanksgiving with these deals just about
    to go live for Black Friday 2020.
    I know I did some TV deals, which I showed you
    earlier today, and I’m going to have a whole new roundup
    of massive deals tomorrow from tech, laptop categories,
    as well as a special Black Friday deal tied to Amazon.
    If you guys expand the video description box right under me,
    you’re going to find a list of the deals to accompany
    everything I’m going to show you right now.
    A reminder, prices could change in an instant.
    So if you see something you like,
    please grab it while you see it.

  • I do use affiliate links, which means I benefit monetarily
    if you’re kind enough to use one of my links.
    You guys benefit from the great deal,
    and I’m so happy to have you here.
    Last thing of note, before we get to all of these
    huge deals, I do have an insider Deal Guy texting club.
    So if you want to get notified of when
    my huge deal list drops tomorrow,
    you’re welcome to just text me an emoji or a hello,
    and I’ll get you onto my list.
    440-298-2181 is my personal number tied to this list.
    440-298-2181 is the number to text, and of course
    I have you covered Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond.
    All right, that was enough of a deal disclaimer.
    Here we go.

  • I want to start with the Apple AirPod Pros
    because you guys were very disappointed, some of you
    last night when Walmart advertised this as one of
    their doorbusters and it was gone in 10 minutes.
    So kudos to Amazon for at least having stock
    or allowing you the ability to buy this
    with a slight shipping delay.
    I think the truth is they’re waiting to get some more
    back in stock but they’re letting you collect this
    at the deal price.
    So for deal number one right now, the Apple AirPod Pros
    at $169 are a great deal.
    That’s a $79 deal drop, the lowest price ever
    on the Apple AirPod Pros.

  • They’re water resistant, they do have
    that active noise canceling, good immersive sound,
    good for calls and streaming, deal number one.
    I don’t know why I came back to my oversized head.
    It’s like, I just wanted to show you that I’m still here.
    All right, deal number two, and I am going to get
    to more Chromebook deals in a few moments, and iRoomba
    and many other things, but the Acer Chromebook right now,
    you guys can see, a time attached to this.
    This is going to count down and then
    it will no longer be available.
    This is an Acer Chromebook Intel Celeron 14 inch,
    full HD display, nice backlit keyboard,
    which is actually a really good thing to see at this price,
    $365, down to $365 off, and this is a touchscreen, oh yeah.
    Can’t touch that.
    All right, next deal.
    We’re going to go to Walmart for this.
    I feel like I’m so tired of talking about Beats by Dre,
    but it’s advertised everywhere.
    People like them.

  • My wife was excited about this deal.
    Beats Solo3 wireless on ear headphones.
    We’re talking a $200 price drop down to $119.
    There are some colors still in stock,
    but if this does become no longer available,
    do check my Amazon list tomorrow where I expect
    an identical Beats by Dre deal that I will have for you.
    As we move to deal number four,
    this is one of the best television deals you can buy.
    If you guys are looking for a non-gaming specific
    television deal, and I am going to continue
    to feature everything tied to gaming,
    I expect all of those gaming, PS5 and possibly
    some Xbox stock tomorrow, so do bear with me,
    but the Insignia 50 inch class ed LED TV, pardon me,
    is not great for gaming, but for just a good solid 4K TV
    for movies and TV shows, it’s a smart TV, $349 down to $149.
    This could be the lowest price I have ever seen
    on a 50 inch class LED 4K Ultra HDTV.
    This is being offered by Best Buy.

  • Again, that link is in the video description box.
    Best Buy makes Insignia, so that’s their in-house brand,
    but you guys can see from the reviews,
    it is very, very well rated, and again, if you want
    the Samsung, some of the LG, Toshiba, and Sony TV deals,
    look back at my release from earlier today, I do have that.
    Roku Streaming Stick+, HD 4K HDR,
    huge 42% price drop on here, $49.99 down to $29.
    I love Roku.

  • You guys are going to notice that I’m not doing
    a lot of the Fire TV sticks and the Echo shows right now.
    I’m going to devote some time tomorrow first thing
    to the Amazon Black Friday deals, but the reason
    I’m not showing those right now is because
    they’re going to be available tomorrow,
    and there are better deals right now that are in fact,
    selling out very quickly.

  • This Instant Pot deal at Macy’s is a limited time offer
    and a 60% off deal drop, $125 down to $50.
    This is the six quart, seven in one multi-touch cooker,
    the Duo Nova, very popular.
    That is in the video description box as a link.
    How you doin’?
    I’m good.

  • Let’s keep going, no time for chitchat here.
    The LED monitor that you see right here,
    I wanted to include Staples because like, why not?
    This video is not sponsored by the way.
    I do use those affiliate links, but I figured,
    hey, it’s Staples.
    Let’s, let’s put them in, it’s fun.
    $89.99 down from $200.
    Price drop, that’s 55% off.

  • If you guys are looking for a larger monitor,
    like a 30 inch, I will have, 32 inch actually,
    we’ll have that in a, in a few moments on this list.
    This is an LED monitor that’d be great
    for work from home, virtual learning.
    This is also a really good gaming brand, AOC,
    or they make a lot of accessories for gaming, AOC.
    So that’s something you might want to consider.
    The next deal says 14 left in stock,
    but it said that for the last two hours.
    So I’m going to say, hopefully you’ll be able to get this.
    This is the Arlo video doorbell.
    I will feature Ring products tomorrow,
    but I don’t think we need to focus any extra time today
    on those Amazon brands, since Arlo is at
    its lowest price I’ve ever seen.
    $50 off, 33% off.

  • This does require your existing doorbell wiring.
    It’s got incredible two-way night vision.
    Two-way audio night vision on it as well.
    I know I’m speaking at a mile a minute, but don’t worry.
    We’ll order closed captioning for this video.
    $99 down from $150.
    If you have a wired video doorbell setup,
    I would buy that over the Ring.
    If you have a completely wirefree setup,
    then the Ring video doorbell that I have
    on my list tomorrow will be good to go.
    The ecobee smart thermostat, $50 off right now,
    $250 down to $199.
    It’s a $50 deal drop.
    You get an additional 10% back if you are
    an Amazon Prime credit card user.
    So, go you, that’s awesome and by the way, guys,
    if you are wondering, anything you don’t see on this list,
    I’ll have Cyber Monday deals.

  • You’re not going to get a lower price Cyber Monday
    on anything I’m showing you right now.
    So with my research and my analytics,
    that’s my promise to you, but we’ll have
    different deals on Cyber Monday, gaming laptops,
    desktop computers, computer parts.
    Those will appear on Monday.
    The Tile Mate Slim right here.
    It’s a Tile Mate plus Slim four-pack,
    two Mates, two Slims, $52.49 down from $75.
    That’s a really nice price drop actually, $22.50.
    Moving on, the Dyson V8.

  • I know I featured the V7 and other vacuum cleaners
    from Home Depot as part of those videos and Lowe’s,
    but the, the Origin cordless stick vac very popular
    right now, $380 down to $230.
    If you have dogs, pets, allergies,
    you’re just a dirty person like I am,
    39, cleanliness wise, 39% off.
    That’s a $150 deal drop.
    Alternatively, the iRobot 675 Wi-Fi connected robovac
    is $275 down to $180.

  • Again, this link in the video description box.
    This is one of the lowest prices I have ever seen
    on a robovac at $95 off with a Wi-Fi connected model.
    Eufy does have some good robovac deals and I will,
    we’ll talk about that after, if I have time
    in this video or tomorrow.
    For slightly less, the Apple iPad.
    This is the 10.2 inch Wi-Fi latest model 32 gig.
    This is $330 down to $280, $50 off, yes,
    and obviously if you crank up the capacity,
    you will save $70 if you are looking.
    So that’s again, substantial savings if you are looking
    for the 128 gig solid state drive model.
    I will talk about the prices on the Fire HD 10
    and all those, it’s my screen cleaner,
    Amazon tablet deals too.
    That’s my bubble tea.

  • The next deal right now is the Micro,
    I’m just showing you my space,
    the Microsoft Surface laptop 3.
    This is one of my favorite laptops ever built.
    This is the 13.5 inch that is $300 off.
    That’s a 19% deal drop.
    That’s substantial, $1,299 down from $1,599.
    16 gigs of RAM, it says nine left in stock.
    I expect that to still remain in stock.
    256 gig solid state drive and alternatively, I love this.
    If you’re looking for the 15 inch version
    of the Microsoft Surface laptop 3 that does feature
    that touch screen, 256 gig solid state drive
    that’s beautiful, I bought that for my wife.
    I have a box somewhere, but I’m sure you’ve seen it.
    Anyhow, I get really excited.

  • I love Surface laptops.
    Microsoft, feel free to sponsor me,
    but I’m not sponsored right now.
    I’d like that though.
    That’d be so cool.
    I don’t think they watch my videos.
    The Bose Quiet Comfort 35, $349 down to $199, 43% off.
    Really good.
    There’s different color options available.
    There’s the rose gold, the black and the silver,
    $150 off, you’re doing well.

  • This has the Amazon Alexa voice service voice control,
    and if you’re trying to block out annoying noises
    in your house, like me trying to broadcast in the room
    beside where you’re trying to work, I don’t know,
    this would be a good pair of headphones.
    The Sonos Beam, $399 down to $299, $100 off.
    There are the freestanding Sonos wireless
    Bluetooth speakers, but I just think
    those are really expensive and there are alternatives
    from other companies, but Sonos Beam at $100 off is good.
    There were some Samsung soundbar deals that I included
    in my TV roundup earlier today.
    So if you want to check for more extensive soundbar deals,
    I have those as my bonus deals
    in my top Black Friday deal roundup.
    The Lenovo Chromebook right now that you see,
    unbelievable deal if you can get this in stock.
    I waited to mid-list just to give you like a nice surprise.
    This is the Lenovo Chromebook, 14 inch HD display,
    four gigs of RAM.

  • Again, measly RAM, I would prefer more RAM,
    but these are Chromebooks.
    They’re dependent upon the Cloud, which is why they also
    have some really empty solid state drive components,
    but $159 is an amazing price for a computer from Lenovo.
    You guys can see how well it rate it,
    well rated it is, pardon me.
    This is a good deal from Walmart, walmart.com.
    Insignia has a 39 inch smart Fire TV edition today,
    which is also one of the least expensive 39 inch TVs
    I’ve ever seen, $90 off, $230 down to $140.
    That is a substantial price drop.

  • For some of these TVs, guys, you might want to consider the,
    the Geek Squad or some of the protection plans.
    I’m not a huge fan of protection plans overall
    in these cases, but since your TV price has a higher MSRP,
    might want to protect your investment
    or your limited investment.
    The iRobot self-emptying robovac, $599 down to $399,
    you’re saving $201 off plus an additional 10% back
    if you use your Amazon Prime credit card at checkout.
    This is one of the most popular of the iRobot Roomba vacs.
    I generally like to show the less expensive ones,
    but people are gravitating toward these.
    $599 down to $399, that is a huge price drop.
    Let’s take a look at a TCL 50 inch class 4K
    LED Ultra HD smart Android TV.
    This is a really nice model.
    This is a Best Buy exclusive.

  • This is $350 down to $230 and TCL is a brand that
    I never used to give a whole lot of credit to,
    but they’ve been around for as long as I have.
    They’re 35 years old and I, every year
    at the consumer electronics show I see more and more
    that I like from them and I did mention that
    in my TV video today.
    So I do like that.

  • The HP laptop deal you see on, here you go,
    see on your screen, I was too, too slow on my little
    switch here, the 17.3 inch HD display with eight gigs of RAM
    and a two terabyte traditional hard drive is the best deal
    I have ever seen on a 17 inch computer
    with eight gigs of RAM.
    It’s $520 down to $350.
    That’s substantial savings.
    Again, that link in the video description box.
    That’s like, if you were looking for a really nice
    general size screen, that’s probably one of the best deals
    I have ever seen him on a laptop of that nature,
    and these are flying off the shelves,
    the $14.99 thermometer from iHealth.
    It’s an infrared forehead thermometer, adults, kids.
    We use these, flu season, my daughter,
    just trying to figure out if she has a fever,
    or she’s just really fired up running around the house.
    She’s fine, totally fine, two years old and great.
    $14.99 down from $50, that’s 70% off.
    Yes, yes, yes.

  • In terms of toys, there are better toy deals
    as we creep closer to Christmas and I will be very specific
    about what toys that I feature, but this deal right now
    from Tylan, the magnetic learning block, the 60 pack,
    60 piece set, pardon me, that STEM toys conglomerate
    that you guys see right now, $40 down to $19.97.
    That is an amazing, amazing price,
    and that is available on walmart.com.
    Get that while it’s in stock.
    The next deal is awesome.

  • It goes to $21 when you use use a coupon code,
    which is in the video description box.
    These are the wireless earbuds from Mpow.
    These are an alternative to the Apple AirPods
    and to tell you the truth, they use Bluetooth 5.0,
    they’re waterproof unlike the base level
    of the Apple AirPod, the charge time is better.
    There’s an additional 5% back if you have
    the Amazon Prime rewards Visa card.
    Like, you could just really capitalize on all the savings
    and built in coupons right here.
    Four-mic noise canceling, and I just want to double check
    before I move on to the next deal.
    Yeah, $21, there is a code to lower your price on that.
    That is a digital doorbuster,
    and that is available in the video description box.
    That is an amazing deal.

  • I’m going to round out my top 25 deal list
    with the next and final deal before I get to some bonuses
    that does include a drone.
    It says nine left in stock, that could very well change.
    One of the things that I can tell you about Amazon
    is when a deal sells out, they obviously switched
    to different distributors throughout the process.
    So it might go from Prime to a different merchant
    to a different third party seller, but hey,
    hopefully you’ll have luck.

  • The Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine right now,
    it’s a really good price drop, 43% off, $109 down to $62.85.
    That is amazing.
    All right, let’s get to the bonus deal.
    You can tell I’ve already had a little bit too much caffeine
    today and it wasn’t from coffee.
    Hello, bubble tea.
    The drone right now that you see on your screen
    is the DJI Mavic Mini.
    This is a $40 deal drop, it’s substantial, and an additional
    10% back if you do use your Prime credit card.
    I’m including this as a bonus deal because I don’t know
    how many people with how tight our finances are
    for a lot of us are spending that amount of money
    on a drone but hey, that’s, if you’re a hobbyist
    or you can afford one, all the power to you.
    The Fitbit Charge 4 is $50 off, 33%.

  • This deal was repeated at Walmart and a few other places.
    Costco, I think has this for $10 less if you are a member.
    So you might want to check out Costco for this alternative,
    but hey, Amazon quick shipping and $99.95.
    That is a great deal, including the small
    and the large bands included.
    I clearly never go to the gym, but if you want it
    to chart like my sleep or other things,
    all right, that would be good.
    The My 1st trampoline is almost sold out.
    I’m including this as a bonus deal,
    ’cause I don’t want people to be disappointed,
    but at the moment just pink is available, $25.
    That’s about a 50% price drop given what
    they would typically go for if my math is correct.
    That’s awesome, and then finally
    the best 32 inch monitor deal.

  • If you guys are looking to find the top five laptops
    that I found earlier this week, that’s right here
    on my YouTube channel, you can find that,
    and the 32 inch monitor was part of that list as a bonus.
    $230 down to $180 for a really well-rated, well-made
    32 inch monitor from HP.
    Awesome, all right.
    There are so many more deals to be found.
    A reminder.

  • If you’d like to subscribe and turn your notifications on,
    first of all, thank you.
    My tie always gets loose over these long lists,
    and second of all,
    if you would like to join us insider deal guy club,
    and I get back to text messages when I can.
    There’s a lot and I really thank you guys for that,
    but my phone number is 440-298-2181,
    440-298-2181 and more importantly, I will hook you up
    left, right, and center with tech deals.
    If there’s something you didn’t see on this list,
    there’s a very good chance it will be as part
    of my Black Friday roundup tomorrow.

  • First thing tomorrow morning, I will have your Amazon list,
    and as we count down to Cyber Monday, some really
    special savings that hopefully will help with
    your Christmas, your gift giving, so on and so forth,
    and the second that Xbox or the PS5 deal goes live,
    I’m on it, I’m working around the clock.
    I’m not sleeping tonight or really until Tuesday,
    but maybe a quick nap here and there.
    I love you, bye bye.

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